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We are Integrated Fresh Solutions

The Complete Package for Fresh Produce Industry Needs 

Our Roots and Growth

Integrated Fresh Solutions (IFS), Kool Logistics, and Fresh-Link Produce, all established in 2006, form a robust umbrella organization in the fresh produce industry. Originally focusing on East Coast vegetables, tomatoes, and produce transportation across the West Coast, IFS has developed into a premier, comprehensive solution provider.

Kool Logistics is celebrated for its proficiency in perishable transportation. It is dedicated to delivering superior quality products while emphasizing exceptional service and reliability.

Fresh-Link Produce, operating under the IFS banner, serves as a national produce company. It expertly connects growers with diverse market segments including food service, retail, and wholesale across North America. With offices in NJ, SC, TN, AZ, and CA, Fresh-Link represents a vast range of growers, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality produce.

Synergy Worldwide joined the IFS family in 2020, bringing specialized services in on-demand refrigerated transportation and handling of high-risk perishables. Their integration signifies a substantial expansion of IFS's capabilities, offering extensive coverage across major produce-growing regions and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Our Leaders: IFS Management

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